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      Voices of BLUETTI Users

      • Love this thing, it's everything that I expected and more. Has all the features you could want in this type of device, great charge controller and excellent inverter!

      • So worth the money. My days of throwing away food after a power outage are over. Dont have to run outside to check on a noisy gas generator. Quiet and reliable and easy to operate. Best buy this year.

      • Used last year several hunting trips. kept e coolers and fridge going the whole trip combined with the portable solar panels.

      • Excellent solar collector! Works pretty good, i was getting 65 watts to my solar generator on a slightly overcast day. Well made, works as it should, can't complain

      • Everything about this product is great, it is the best productin it's respective line against all the competitors and it's thecheapest price considering the cycle life of the battery.

      • I've been using this for a little while now and have zero complaints. Feels and looks really solid. Works well with the app and hasn't let me down in various applications.

      • Die Bluetti AC500 ist eine modulare Powerstation mit einer
        Ausgangsleistung von 5.000 Watt. Die Besonderheit: Es gibt einen einzelnen 230-Volt-Ausgang,
        der 32 Ampere schafft und sich damit perfekt zum Einspeisen ins Hausnetz eignet.Die Bluetti AC500 ist hochwertig verarbeitet und bietet mehr Ausgänge an, als Ihr vermutlich jemals brauchen werdet. Die technischen Eckdaten sind ebenfalls auf allen Ebenen beeindruckend und bieten eine große Flexibilität.

      • Con el Bluetti Poweroak AC200P se dispone de toda la autonomía eléctrica necesaria para no cambiar de vida ante un corte de suministro o al realizar una escapada al campo.

      • Uważam, że przenośne i stacjonarne stacje energetyczne są kluczowe dla osiągnięcia zrównoważonego i niezawodnego dostępu do energii dla wszystkich.

      • Unlike most conventional fuel or gas generators, solar generators have no moving parts and do not use liquid fuel, which means the likelihood of needing to pay for any repairs is significantly lower.

      • If the prospect of losing power for hours or days at a time concerns you, the Bluetti AC200MAX portable power station offers a very compelling solution. It has the ability to run even large appliances like a refrigerator, high-demand devices like a space heater, and it can charge all your portable electronics.

      • It's clean, it's efficient, and it's intelligent. More importantly, it packs an incredible amount of power into a small, easy-to-transport kit.