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Why Partner With BLUETTI

All-in-one system

BLUETTI's all-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) consists of solar, inverter, and battery storage to spare your compatibility concerns.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The modular design of BLUETTI ESS ensures quick and easy installation and maintainence. Complete the installation in just a few hours.

Generous Rewards

Earn considerable sales incentives and rewards for battery sales without minimum requirements. Get 30% OFF your first kit.

Comprehensive Training

Free access to BLUETTI's professional training hub filled with resources on installation, maintenance, tech trends, and industry insights.

AI-Powered Design System

Partnering with an automated PV Design System streamlines and optimizes the design and installation process for higher efficience.

On-going Sales Leads

Consistent opportunities are available to expand your clientele, with a steady stream of sales leads to keep your business thriving and growing.

How to Join Our Installer Program?

1.Get on Board

Sign the Independent Contractor Agreement.

2.Get Technical Training

Access BLUETTI's training on installation and maintenance.

3.Get Sales Training

Sales training for sellers or dealers on the benefits of BLUETTI ESS.

4.Get BLUETTI Certified

Once certified, you're entitled to join the BLUETTI Installer Star Program as our official installer.

5.Get Started

Now, kickstart our partnership, boost your business, and thrive with us.

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