5 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power

How will you stop climate change? Protect the environment? And prevent global warming? Because the truth is, protecting our planet starts with you.?

We¡¯ll give you a hint. The energy from the sunshine exceeds all known energy reserves of oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium put together; and unlike fossil fuels, it won¡¯t run out anytime soon.

Environmentally friendly, with greater grid security and less electricity loss are just three reasons why solar power is an incredible alternative to other fossil fuels. So, if you¡¯re looking to live sustainably, save money and achieve the freedom to go off-grid, solar power is the key to a clean, consistent, and reliable energy future.

Why You Should Use Solar Power

Solar technologies have the power to diversify your energy sources, improve efficiency and save money. By installing solar panels, you¡¯ll begin to generate your own renewable electricity, which is just one of the reasons to start using solar power:

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1.?Environmentally Friendly

It¡¯s no secret that solar electricity is low carbon, renewable energy. As a clean, green source of energy, the environmental impact of solar power is significantly smaller than all other power generation methods.

When looking to cut your carbon footprint, a typical home solar PV system could save around one tonne of carbon per year, depending on where you live. With the lack of pollutants with solar energy, solar power doesn¡¯t release any greenhouse gases, and except for needing a source of clean water to function, it doesn¡¯t require any other resources.

Solar power is self-sufficient and installing solar panels on your roof is a secure investment to contribute to a clean energy future.

2.?Go Off-Grid

As energy prices continue to soar throughout Europe, off-grid living is becoming increasingly attractive. Off-grid solar systems produce energy without a connection to the national grid. That way, your solar system works independently, allowing you to carry out everyday tasks both securely and naturally.

Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Not only are they bidding for the environment, but they are also limited resources. This translates into a volatile market, in which energy prices fluctuate throughout the day.

Once you start using solar power, you¡¯ve reached an energy-independent status, meaning you can protect yourself against unpredictable increases in energy prices and enjoy cheap electricity every day.?

3.?Less Electricity Loss

In many cases, electricity is transported via extensive networks from large power plants, fuelling the homes of end-consumers. When those networks are particularly long and complex, power losses and blackouts occur. With an at-home solar system, electricity is efficient and durable considering the short distance of travel from your panel to your home.

With solar power, your energy becomes domestic and as a result you¡¯re in control of your own bills and energy usage.

4.?Grid Security

Distributed solar power makes the grid less vulnerable to disruptions caused by power outages, extreme weather events and conflicts. And if a grid has a high penetration of solar power and energy storage, there will be thousands of energy production centres that are spread out.

Think of your solar energy system as your own personal power plant, providing you with secure electricity grid security in the event of an attack or natural disaster.?

As a result, blackouts in specific areas will not impact people from nearby regions with the power grid refining its focus to backup power and the channelling of excess energy.?

5.?Free Source of Energy

When considering the benefits of solar energy, one thing¡¯s for certain ¨C sunlight is free. As a result, your electricity costs will be reduced following the cost of the initial installation.

Your solar power system will start saving money from the moment it¡¯s turned on, but the striking advantages of solar power are most visible in the long-term.

Considering this, the longer you have your solar power system, the more you¡¯re able to enjoy the benefits of solar technology and support the environment.

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Is Solar PV For You?

Buying solar panels is a long-term investment designed to cut costs of electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. The real question is whether they will pay for themselves and save you money?

When making the transition to solar, consider the orientation of your property, available space, shading and level of consumption of your system before positioning and installing solar panels ¨C ensuring the highest possible power supply and ROI.

Invest in Solar Power

Looking to diversify your energy sources, improve efficiency and save money on electricity? Bluetti solar solutions provide all the energy you need to power your property.


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PV200 Solar Panel 200W

Connect it and leave it. BLUETTI 200W solar panels are set to keep your solar generators juiced as long as there¡¯s sunlight available. Built with monocrystalline solar cells, the PV200 can convert up to 23.4% of sunlight into solar energy, charging your solar generators even in severe weather ¨C specialist features of this panel include:

  • ? ? Long-lasting ETFE coating?
  • ? ? Foldable & portable?
  • ? ? Monocrystalline solar cells with up to 23.4% efficiency
  • ? ? Compatible With Most Solar Generators with MC4 Connectors
  • ? ? 12-month Warranty


PV350 Solar Panel 350W

The BLUETTI PV350 solar panel can be built into a power system to juice up your laptop, drone, refrigerator, drill and more. With a folded size of 35.6 x 24.1 x 2.5inches and 30.61lbs of weight, this panel is convenient to carry around and easy to be set up for anyone, anywhere ¨C additional features of this panel include:

  • ? ? Off-grid power supply
  • ? ? Foldable & portable
  • ? ? Durable & splash-proof
  • ? ? 23.4% conversion rate
  • ? ? Wide compatibility

Contact the specialist team at BLUETTI for more information and advice regarding the switch to solar power.?

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