What is Solar Self Consumption? How to Increase It [2024 Updated]

In a time of economic hardship, solar self-consumption is on the rise for all the right reasons. Last year, self-consumption systems in Europe generated more energy than gas for the first time ever. Moreover, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy will be the leading installed energy capacity in Europe by 2025. By switching to solar energy, homeowners are able to claim back control of increasing household bills in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

What is Solar Self-Consumption?

Solar self-consumption provides people with the ability to achieve grid independence by producing their own energy in their homes. This renewable alternative to using fossil fuels allows people to complete everyday activities in a sustainable way. It provides you with the freedom to transform your home energy system or to disconnect from the grid and embark on rural activities, such as camping.

Photovoltaic renewable energy (PV) is generated and used to fulfil all energy consumption needs, meaning that off-grid living is only a few steps away. Calculating your usage ratio is made simple and can be done by looking at the ratio between the PV production and what portion of this PV quantity is being used. This figure is often presented as a percentage, for instance 100% would indicate that all the energy generated is being consumed.

Types of Solar Self-Consumption?

When looking to turn to grid independence, there are two main options: one is completely self-sufficient and the other is partially self-sufficient.?

  • Living entirely off-grid means you rely only on producing your own energy and self-consumption.?
  • Whereas living partially off-grid means you have access to a main supply, however this is a back-up source rather than a primary means of generating your energy.

green fields in front of one of europes largest and dirtiest power stations

Why is Self-Consumption Important for Panel Owners?

One of the huge advantages of trading the power plants for a self-consumption system is that you will be almost completely self-sufficient. No longer needing to rely on power plants in order to generate your energy can provide you with a great sense of liberty. As these power plants fuel a high number of homes throughout the country, blackouts and power losses are more common. In contrast, the short distance that the energy has to travel from your solar panels to your home makes self-consumption an efficient and reliable option.

Another great benefit is that grid independence provides you with an escape from the rising energy prices that are currently soaring throughout Europe. Natural gas prices have been surging, especially due to the economic rebound after the pandemic. However, without needing to pay utility providers, your bills will decrease and relieve you of that financial pressure.

In addition, grid independence is an important step towards reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. In doing so, we can also reduce our carbon footprint. Solar energy is at the forefront of European and international development as a way of protecting the planet and preventing global warming. Supporting a sustainable future is important, and here at Bluetti our mission is to make the world better with our power.

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Top 3 Ways to Increase Self-Consumption

When becoming self-reliant, it is useful to be aware of some tips and tricks to help you achieve maximum efficiency. A great starting point is ensuring that your home is well-insulated and can retain the heat that you produce. By decreasing the amount of heat lost, this will in turn help to save and store energy.

bluetti solar generator
  • Conduct an energy audit: It is another great way to increase self-consumption. This audit can help you to understand your usage whilst allowing you to explore new ways to save energy. An assessment of your energy consumption makes it simpler to calculate the amount of energy, and the back-up battery storage, that is required. Factors such as weather patterns are also taken into account to determine these quantities. Energy audits can also identify any health and safety risks at your property.
  • Charge your phone or laptop daytime: Placing your phone or laptop on charge overnight in preparation for the next day might seem like a convenient option, but the negatives far outweigh the positives. Apart from potentially damaging the batteries of your devices, unnecessary hours of charging all mount up and result in vast amounts of wasted energy. Therefore, committing to daytime charging really can make all the difference.
  • Install a battery storage system: solar energy can be stored and used when you need power the most. BLUETTI solar generator kit will be your best way to increase self-consumption as it can store solar power on the battery so that you can use it whenever needing electricity. The amount of energy that you produce and use will depend on the size of your self-consumption system. This means that at some points there might be more energy generated than required. Whilst living on-grid means this excess energy would be sent back, living off-grid means it is possible to retain this energy for later use. The saved energy prevents homes from running out of electricity whilst advanced battery software uses algorithms to control energy consumption in the most effective way.

technician man assembling solar panels on house roof for self consumption energy

Let Us Help

Grid independence does not need to be challenging. By installing the right battery storage system and the correct set-up, you can get started on storing excess energy, reducing your bills and helping the planet! With a variety of different battery storage systems available, Bluetti has the perfect option for you! Whether you love an adventure in the wilderness or you want to transform your home by becoming more self-reliant, Bluetti has you covered.

Take a look at Bluetti¡¯s Home Battery Backups here and for more information about battery storage systems, portable solar panels and other products, get in touch with our specialist team today!

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