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The BLUETTI EP760 system is a residential energy storage system that provides backup power during power outages, reduces energy costs during peak hours, and allows you to live off the grid. Its great compatibility extends beyond residential properties, making it ideal for livestock farms or grain warehouses.

Empower Your World with EP760

AC coupling
Works with existing solar systems.
Solar systems often produce more energy during the day than you need. This excess production is fed back to the utility grid without battery storage. However, as the selling price of electricity decreases, the return on investment ratio diminishes. To make the most of your clean power, consider investing in an energy storage system that enables you to produce, store, and use your energy for the night or a rainy day, reducing dependence on the grid.
DC coupling
Building a brand-new solar system.
BLUETTI offers comprehensive guidance and assistance in setting up a solar system with energy storage batteries tailored to your house conditions and household energy requirements, ensuring long-term economic benefits and enhanced energy efficiency. If there is a time-varying Feed-in Tariff policy in your area, you can even export energy stored in EP760 when the FIT rate is higher and solar is not available.
UPS Peak-Load-Shifting
Integrate into utility grid without solar.
The EP760 is also beneficial for families without solar systems. Besides storing sufficient electricity from the grid to help you through unexpected power outages, the peak-load-shifting feature can lower your energy costs by charging it when the electricity price is low and discharging when it's high.

Why Choose BLUETTI

At BLUETTI, we are proud to be part of the global effort to combat climate change and promote sustainable living. With each breakthrough, we contribute to a greener future, empowering individuals and communities to embrace renewable energy and create a cleaner, more sustainable world. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter and greener tomorrow.
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Shape a Greener Energy Future

Powering by stored renewable and clean energy can reduce the use of traditional fossil fuels and further  minimize your carbon footprints  on the planet. It’s the next step toward a sustainable future that will improve the air we breathe, the communities we live in, and our overall quality of life.

Superpower Unchained

The EP760 inverter packs an impressive max output of 7.600W. Whether you're powering small appliances or high-wattage ones like electric ranges, dryers, or water heaters, the EP760 has got you covered. Get ready for a reliable and versatile energy storage solution.

7.600W Output

Power Tailored to Your Needs

A larger capacity generally comes with a longer running time. Thanks to the EP760's modular design, you can stack up 2 to 4 B500 expansion batteries (4.960Wh each) for a flexible capacity of 9,9kWh to 19,8kWh, making it a customizable energy solution that's tailored to your residential energy consumption.

9,9kWh ~ 19,8kWh

No Compromise on Safety

BLUETTI attaches great importance to the safety of home energy. Compliant with CE mark requirements, EP760 is equipped with the most reliable and stable LiFePO₄ (LFP) battery cells, which are less prone to explosion or fire than other Li-ion batteries, ensuring an extended lifespan and safe operation, as well as high-standard security to keep your family and property safe and sound.
10-YEAR Warranty Hassle-free Customer Service
LiFePO₄ Battery Safe & Stable
Certification: CE

The Home Power at Your Fingertips

With the intuitive BLUETTI App, you can keep tabs on your battery's power status from the comfort of your fingertips, wherever you are. Take control of your energy management with ease by customizing the charging and discharging time of your EP760 system, ensuring precision and efficiency in every usage. Embrace the full potential of your home energy storage system and experience the true convenience of modern energy management.

Elegant & Durable

The BLUETTI EP760 comes with a robust IP65 rating, making it resistant to dust or moisture. You can confidently install it in your basement while maintaining its optimal performance. Furthermore, its advanced noise reduction technology guarantees a whisper-quiet noise level of 50 dB. Enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and style with EP760, wherever you choose to place it.
IP65 Water Resistant
≤50 dB Quiet Operation


EP760 Inverter
Capacity 9,9kWh~19,8kWh (W/ 1 EP760 & 2-4 B500)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 24,6 × 12,8 × 14,5 inch / 626 × 324 × 368mm
Net Weight 97lbs / 44kg
App Control BLUETTI App (WiFi / Bluetooth)
Warranty 10 Years
IP Rating IP65
Noise ≤50 dB (A)
Working Temperature -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃
Wiring L / N / PE
Output Voltage 230V
Input Frequency 50Hz
UPS Time <10ms
Output Power  7.600W (W/ Single Inverter)
Inverter Certificates CE / IP65 / UKCA
Feed-in Tariff Yes
Grid Connection On-Grid / Off-Grid
PV Input
MPPT Channels 9.000W (3 strings:
3.000W + 3.000W + 3.000W)
MPPT Voltage Range 150V-500V
MPPT Efficiency 99,9%
PV Inversion Efficiency 97,0% Max.
B500 Expansion Battery
Dimensions (L × W × H) 25,0 × 12,8 × 13,3inch / 636 × 325 × 338mm
Net Weight 127,87lbs / 58kg
Protection Grade IP65
Operating Temperature -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃
Battery Certificates CB / CE / FCC / ICES / IP65 / PSE / RCM / UKCA / UL1973 / UL9540A / UN38.3-2022
Battery Type LiFePO₄
Rated Capacity 4.960Wh
Depth of Discharge (DoD) 90%
Short-circuit Protection Yes
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