EB3A/EB70 Car Charging Cable

19,99 €

Function: Used to charge the BLUETTI EB3A/EB70 via car cigarette lighter port.

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Clemens Gschaider
Handy little backup

I use the EB3A to charge all my small devices like my smartphone, smartwatch, headphones, earbuds, ebook reader, Bluetooth speaker (big one using the AC outlet) etc.
It does it's job very well so far, charging everything with no issues and quietly (well not a heavy duty charging).
Using an AC outlet to charge the EB3A is really quick as advertised. The powerstation does hold it's charge at 100% over a couple of days no problem.
Only issue so far was when I charged my smartwatch and another device at the same time it didn't show the output in Watts as it should, both devices were charged no problems but the EB3A just showed 0 Watts output for some reason. Other than that minor thing no issues so far.
The App does what it should too.
Haven't tried the car charging cable yet.
Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

Geoff Evans
Marketing problem

We love Bluetti equipment.
Good engineering, excellent product.
Congratulations to your tech team.
Marketing: why leave money on the table?
1. Why give away a free solar charger lead then make customer pay for car charger lead?
2. It is not clear when you buy what options there are for leads? I don't mind buying the leads but the hassle of recieving the Bluetti battery kit only to find it hadn't a car charging lead. It's the delay time is annoying.
3. Also, your solar panels are expensive? Why not offer a less powerful 100W option for €150-180? We bought 100W panel foldable for €185 charged EB unit up in 90 minutes.
4. Disappointing there's no extra battery for our EB37A to expand the Wh. Again maybe a marketing issue of poor judgement?
Congratulations to your technicians
Super product 👏👏👏

ej carbin

working great

Mark DH
Works perfect for smaller machines to work

I use it in my mobilhome when we are off grid

Rob Van der Luur
Car/sigaretten charging cable

I Used the charging cable nog with a car but from another solar generator to charge the eb3a and it worked perfect 😄